Our mission


"What matters to us is less about the clothes and more about the people wearing them."

Lakeshore Drive Clothing was born from the creative energies of Ryan Murray and Cooper Kirby. It stems from the idea that we should only ever live our best lives and be ourselves. Living Your Lakeshore Drive is living a life led only by your own expectations of yourself. It's living a life in pursuit of your truest passions and desires. Here at Lakeshore Drive we want you to live that life. The life that you and only you can live: Your Lakeshore Drive.

Your Lakeshore is a place you consider to be paradise or a thing you'd always rather be doing. Your Drive is the thing that endlessly pushes you forward in life. It's the inspiration and encouragement that you can always find deep within yourself. Combine the two and you have Your Lakeshore Drive: a lifestyle specific only to you. That's why we don't have a defined lifestyle here, because everyone is different and we want celebrate the diversity that each Lakeshore Drive brings.

We craft our clothing to be simple and clean. We make clothes that push boundaries but are also wearable. But what matters to us is less about the clothes and more about the people wearing them. Our clothes are the canvas, and your life is the painting. OUR Lakeshore Drive is to provide you with that canvas, so that you can make a masterpiece.

Share Your Lakeshore Drive with us! Contact us via social media with a picture and description of you wearing our clothing, doing something which perfectly exemplifies you living your best life. Whether running down the sand dunes, or reading a book on a rainy day, we want you to be what's emphasized on our page, because what matters here is you and Your Lakeshore Drive.


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